New Beginnings Pledge Campaign Identity

New Beginnings Pledge Campaign Identity Thank You CardNew Beginnings Pledge Campaign Identity Development

Pledge Campaign Identity Case Study

New Beginnings is an identity created for First United Methodist Church. Their goal was to gather pledges totaling $60,000 to fund a new staff position and support outreach programs in Madison, Wisconsin. The pledge campaign raised more than $97,000.

The primary components of this campaign were a logo, stationery set, pledge card, digital signage, social media posts and email newsletters. The success of this campaign demonstrates the importance of an effective brand identity. Consistency in media outreach builds awareness and relationship. Promoting news of the campaign’s success drove even further response.

The Logo

New Beginnings was the selected theme to emphasize growth in the church. The committee and I agreed that sprouting roots embodied this idea. Custom hand lettering brought unique style to the final selection.

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