Process: One on one attention, research, and communication.

Professional logo designers take time to communicate and understand your goals. They research your competitors, identify your target audience and learn your stylistic preferences. Concentrating on this information a range of original custom crafted solutions are developed. Your feedback is also taken into consideration and revisions can be made to ensure the final result meets your short-term and long-term business needs.

Knowledge: Design is more than software.

Professional designers have education, training and experience in art and design topics such as typography, visual hierarchy, color, conceptualism and composition. They also keep up to date with industry standards and trends. Leveraging this specialized knowledge, designers create visual branding that differentiates you from competitors and builds credibility. With consistent logo application and brand styling, a custom logo will help you gain customer and industry recognition.

Functionality: Get all of the files you need upfront to save you time and money.

A professional logo or branding designer will provide you with a collection of logo files for a wide variety of marketing applications. These files will always include .EPS, .PDF, .PNG and .JPG formats.

Color is an important aspect of brand identity. To ensure a cohesive style across all of your marketing materials, designers provide files in a variety of color spaces. These include RGB, CMYK and Pantone.

A single color or black and white version of your logo is provided for specialized marketing needs such as embroidery template production or single-color silk screening. Different marketing applications require different file types. For example: .EPS file types are fully scalable vector graphics. These are appropriate for large print materials such as banners. Conversely, .JPG files are un-scalable raster graphics appropriate for desktop publishing and in-house production.

In a future blog post I will discuss the different applications of these file types.