Would you spend $10 on a one-month’s supply of toilet paper when you could buy a three-month’s supply for $15? If so, you are missing a significant savings opportunity. This strategy for saving money holds true for business branding as well.

Let’s take a closer look. Toilet paper is something small but important. We use it every day. We choose from arange: scratchy or extra soft, double or triple layered, large roll or small. And these features impact price. Now, think about your business and its logo design and branding. Do you see comparisons? You use it every day, even if you don’t think about it. And a range of service providers and quality exists.

What does this have to do with saving money? Fact: not investing in getting something right the first time often costs significantly more in the long run. If you hire an under-qualified (ie. scratchy) designer you will not receive a complete and successful product. You will likely need to find another, more qualified designer (ie. triple layer quilted) at greater expense to correct and repeat the brand development process. In addition to time, there is also the added cost of reproducing existing collateral materials with a rebrand.

Skillfully created, a logo and brand design can represent your business for a decade or more without adjustment. Think of how much money you could save on toilet paper over that period of time! In addition, most designers offer a price break on collateral marketing materials for branding they create, so you spend less as your business grows.

Invest in your brand. Take the time to carefully select a creative professional that possesses the skill to create a lasting brand for your business. Spending a little extra now can mean big savings later.