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Brand Identity Case Study

The work you did for us has exceeded our expectations. That you were able to compassionately bring to life the journey that is narcolepsy is a gift to our most precious community! – Jenny, FACES of Narcolepsy

FACES (Families and Children Experiencing Symptoms) of Narcolepsy is a non-profit organization in Tucson, Arizona. Their goals are to connect, inform and empower those experiencing symptoms of Pediatric Narcolepsy.

The Logo

The logo selected by FACES employs a rollercoaster symbolizing the feelings of families coping with Pediatric Narcolepsy. In the background, forming the distant track, is the profile of a sleeping child’s face. A salmon/orange color palette was selected for warmth and gender neutrality.

The Website

A visually exciting website design with strong branding was desired. This was achieved through the selection of a photo driven template and the use of stock photography.

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Alternate Logo Concepts:FACES of Narcolepsy Alternate Concept 1

FACES of Narcolepsy Alternate Concept 2

FACES of Narcolepsy Website Display